Thursday, February 14, 2019

Spend Valentine’s Day evening at the Lake Worth Beach!

Today is Valentine’s Day but it’s also a Special Day for fans of classic cars.

Come have fun: The monthly car show at Lake Worth Beach & Casino Complex.

The Road Rascals car show is the second Thursday of the month from 6:00–9:00. Below is more information and photos from a recent show at the Lake Worth Casino and Beach Complex.

However, for many residents of this City, there is very unwelcome news. Last week at City Hall a mob showed up and took control of a City Commission meeting. In what was supposed to be a discussion about how to use proceeds from the County’s ¢1 sales tax increase this ‘discussion’ was instead dominated by a group that wants to spend millions of dollars for a brand new pool at the Lake Worth Beach.

And this vociferously loud group wants a new pool at the Beach despite recent news a new aquatic facility is being constructed by the County just about ten minutes from Lake Worth City Hall.

Hopefully soon another public meeting will be scheduled for everyone to make their voices heard on using proceeds from the sales tax increase the voters approved by referendum in November 2016. So stay tuned for more information about that.

In the meantime for Valentine’s Day when you go to the car show at the Beach tonight imagine. See visions of that open space next to the Casino. Close your eyes and envision.

As it is now at this monthly car show the road in front of the Casino is closed to make room for this event.

Now imagine that open space to the south of the Lake Worth Casino and Beach Complex where a condemned pool used to be. Think of all the things that space at the Beach can be used for?

An outside movie theater, skate park, additional parking and more ADA spaces, shuffleboard or regulation Pickleball courts, a area with sand for horseshoes and volleyball and exercise classes, a splash park with cabana pool, or maybe even just an open space for public events? The ideas are limitless.

So whilst you’re pondering those questions. . .

Here are are few photos from a car show at the Lake Worth Beach:

The view to the east.

Click on images to enlarge:

The view to the west.

[Note: The road is closed for this event.]

“Hey. Look at that! Why is the engine in the rear?”

Some cars lined up. . .

The American flag flying full mast. . .

Note the “U.S. Marines” license plate.

 The next generation. . .

And two more. . .

What other ideas do you have for a more functional Casino at the Beach? Be creative! And maybe ask a Millennial or a young adult for ideas too.

Hope to see a big crowd tonight for Valentine’s Day!