Thursday, October 4, 2018

PINNED POST. A very popular blog post.

A “Pinned Post” is one kept at the top, or near the top of the blog for a certain period of time, in this case for the rest of the day.

First, a brief question:

Aren’t you getting a little tired of hearing about ‘red tide’ all day and night in the press and news media?

Don’t you wish the herd would move on to something else? Be patient. Before long another ‘shiny object’ will come along and they’ll be off chasing that next thing.

Hopefully chasing something up in Martin County somewhere out in the wet boonies, all of them wearing waders and gas masks. You know. Just to be safe from all those leaking septic tanks. So in the meantime. . .

Hope you enjoy this blog post from yesterday, about a newly-released video featuring the City of Lake Worth on South Florida Public Television.

Enjoy the video!

This City of Lake Worth has the starring role in,
“On the Town in The Palm Beaches”!

Host and producer Frank Licari at WPBT2 sets the stage with this brief forward:

“Today we’re discovering a city that’s not just hip — it’s historic too! Of course, we’re talking about the City of Lake Worth or L-Dub as the kids call it. We’ll jump into the city’s happening arts scene, visit an ocean front restaurant with postcard perfect views and check out an historic playhouse that JUST may be haunted. Are you ready? Then let’s go — On the Town in The Palm Beaches.”

Without further ado. . .

Just briefly, whilst we all await the ‘red tide’ to fade away from memory. . .

Understand that ‘red tide’ is no match
for Palm Beach County!

To our good friends in the press, news media and residents of the Treasure Coast who experienced that spasm of schadenfreude last week on hearing the news that a possible rare case of ‘red tide’ got caught up in the Gulfstream Current off the coast of the Palm Beaches, please understand this:

Before long that ‘red tide’ will vanish and be replaced by blue and white vapor trails, airplanes from all over the planet heading to the Palm Beaches. And one of those places will be the little City of Lake Worth because of this news that broke through all the noise.

“[F]irst bout with toxic red tide in more than a decade will not have either a deep ecological or economic impact.”

—Quote. News from Palm Beach Post datelined Oct. 2nd by journalist Alexandra Seltzer.