Saturday, October 6, 2018

SFWMD coming to the rescue of native species: the Gopher Tortoise.

First, please note: The latest YouTube update from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) datelined Sept. 7th (yesterday) is at the end of this blog post. This most current information addresses water conditions and actions to move water to tide following the impacts from Tropical Storm Gordon here in South Florida.

Now to Gopher Tortoise and work by SFWMD. . .

CAUTION! Never put Gopher Tortoises in the water. They are NOT TURTLES!

To learn more about the “Fort Basinger Gopher Tortoise Recipient Siteclick on this link.

Resolution No. 2017 - 0720

“Declare surplus land interest containing 142.61 acres, more or less, in Highlands County, and authorizing the grant to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) of a conservation easement as a condition of the District obtaining a permit from FWC for the purpose of establishing the subject property as a gopher tortoise recipient site.”

Click on this link to learn more about our Gopher Tortoises here in the City of Lake Worth and in the County’s John Prince Park too.

A helpful map from SFWMD.

Click on image to enlarge of the gopher tortoise
site in Highlands County:

Click on this link to contact SFWMD and say, “Thank You!Please be patient waiting for a response. SFWMD is very busy this time of year. To learn more about “Managing High Water Levels in the Wet Season” use this link.

YouTube video: SFWMD Chief Engineer John Mitnik provides the most recent update: