Monday, March 11, 2019

Real estate news in City of Lake Worth and Village of Palm Springs.

From journalist Lois K. Solomon at Sun Sentinel,
the headline:

“These military veterans served their country. Now they’ll live in the Village of Valor.”

The opening paragraph in the Sun Sentinel:

Military veterans who feel isolated and destitute may soon find a new place that recreates the sense of community they crave: the Village of Valor in Lake Worth. [emphasis added]

The reporter is partly correct. The Village of Valor will also be located in the Village of Palm Springs (see map and more information below). To read the entire article in the Sun Sentinel click on this link.

Where exactly will the future Village
of Valor be located?

The map (see below) comes from the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Geo Nav mapping tool. To learn more about this very helpful tool click on this link.

The Village of Valor is using a collection of properties in the Village of Palm Springs and the City of Lake Worth on 2nd Ave. North on the north side of the roadway. The location in Palm Springs has the address 2651. In Lake Worth the addresses are 2431, 2441, and 2559. There may possibly be other bundled properties as well. Between the property in Palm Springs and the properties in Lake Worth is a Lake Worth Drainage District canal.

Click on image to enlarge (note, unshaded areas are unincorporated Palm Beach County; property with structures in upper right-hand corner, north of green property line, is not part of this project):

The undeveloped shaded areas north of 2nd Ave. North are slated to be the future Village of Valor. Note the “Keller Canal”, the border between the City of Lake Worth and Village of Palm Springs.