Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The City of Lake Worth’s Envision Design Competition.

Envision Lake Worth is a
design competition. . .

. . . [W]here professionals and architecture students are encouraged to submit their VISIONS for various development opportunities throughout the City’s Cultural Arts District.”

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 2nd (for GIS maps of Envision Lake Worth sites 1–10, the link is at end of this blog post).

The Art of Florida Living. The presentation:
A City on the Rise

From City of Lake Worth.
The challenge: What the City’s
future will look like.

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Below are submission requirements and evaluation criteria. Questions? City of Lake Worth’s Dept. of Community Sustainability is located at 1900 2nd Ave. North. Call 561-586-1687 . . . the press release:

City of Lake Worth, Florida — This City is dynamic and historic, situated along the Intracoastal Waterway in Central Palm Beach County with its own public Beach and energetic Downtown. It has a rich cultural history and is a community of strong neighborhoods and civic pride.

As part of an aggressive initiative to encourage investment and to stimulate a more vibrant sustainable future the City recently adopted changes to its Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations. Now we are inviting the design community to look at this City with fresh eyes and to Envision what its future will hold.

Envision Lake Worth is a design competition where architecture students and professionals are encouraged to submit creative ideas for various development opportunities throughout the City’s Cultural Arts District.

Submissions will be showcased at a formal gallery opening and will be available for residents, business owners, property owners, investors, developers and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to bring these ideas to reality placing this City at the forefront of creative design, innovative projects and solid investment.

We welcome you to participate in this Envision Lake Worth competition and to appreciate all the unique attributes of this “City on the Rise”.

Envision Lake Worth.
The details:

Once again, the categories. . .

  • Student: Students in the Schools of Architecture at University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University (student submissions may be part of a group or team). 
  • Professional: Architects, landscape architects, urban designers, and city planners.

Submission Requirements.

Three (3) rendered drawings each 18″ × 24″ orient landscape mounted on foam core including the City of Lake Worth template for each drawing with:
  • Site plan.
  • Elevations.
  • Three-dimensional rendering.
  • Digital files of drawings.

Project Overview Statement.

  • Project submission must be for one (1) of the pre-selected sites provided by the City of Lake Worth.
  • Sites are all located within the City’s Cultural Arts Overlay District, which incorporates the historic Downtown and the two main east-west historic thoroughfares: Lake and Lucerne avenues.
  • A portion of Dixie Hwy. in the Downtown is crucial for Envision Lake Worth.

Evaluation Criteria.

  • Adherence to rules and requirements of City’s Land Development Regulations (LDRs),
  • Follow City’s Comprehensive Plan and Sustainable Bonus Incentive Program.
  • Design harmony/compatibility with existing urban context/character.
  • Architectural design excellence/innovation.
  • Project feasibility.
  • Achieves maximum height, density and intensity as stipulated by project zoning district, Future Land Use designation, sustainable bonus incentives.

Parking requirements.*


  • Multi-family (MF) efficiency  =  0.75 space/unit.
  • MF 1 bedroom  =  1 space/unit.
  • MF 2 bedroom  =  1.25 spaces/unit.
  • MF >2 bedroom  =  1.5 parking spaces/unit.


  • Professional office  =  1 space/400 net sq.ft.
  • Retail  =  1 space/500 net sq.ft.
  • Restaurant  =  1 space/250 net sq.ft. (including kitchen/seating areas).
  • Hotel  =  0.75 space/unit.

Additional parking criteria.

  • Two (2) motorcycle spaces may count as one (1) residential parking space.
  • Four (4) bicycle spaces may count as one (1) residential space.
  • Up to 25% residential spaces may be compact (8′  ×  18′).
  • Residential parking: ≥ 50% must be standard size (9′  ×  18′).

Structured parking garage.

  • Square footage of first three (3) levels will not count toward maximum floor area ratio.
  • Ground level square footage does count toward overall impermeable surface area.

For more information about Envision Lake Worth click on this link for GIS maps.

*Uses not specifically mentioned the requirements for off-street parking for that use which is most similar which is mentioned shall apply.