Saturday, September 29, 2018

If it’s Saturday, it’s West Palm’s Special Day: One of “Six Special Cities” chosen by editor(s) at the Post.

Every week in The Palm Beach Post, for three years now, the same six (6) Special City’s get featured in the print edition. That’s right. The same 6 Special City’s each and every week. For 3 years. Isn’t three years enough? About time for a change?

Who are the 6 Special City’s? Find out below.

But two Special Cities just got
new beat reporters!

Have you been following the switching out and the new beat reporters at The Palm Beach Post?

Both the Town of Jupiter and the City of Boynton Beach have fresh new talent (see below). And how did the little City of Lake Worth become one of the Special Cities? That happened in late 2015 about the time when the public in suburban Lake Worth and municipalities west would go pick up the day’s paper and say. . .

“Aaaaaaahhhh! Aaaaaaahhhh! Aaaaaaahhhh! GOD!”

All about L-Dub again!

Why are they so Special every week?

It’s true. The “Six Special Cities” in the weekly print edition of the Post has been going on for three years now. For some perspective, that would be around the time the Greenacres Police Dept. merged with PBSO and when the cities of Greenacres and Lake Worth had the same assigned beat reporter.

And why isn’t Delray Beach special? Isn’t it about time reporter Lulu Ramadan gets a Special Day or is Delray just ‘Dull-Ray’ to the editor(s)?

The list of Six Special Cities is below.

The ceremonial process begins each Monday
in The Palm Beach Post.

It all starts on Monday, beginning with the Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE).

Then on Tuesday it continues through the week until Saturday. Note the new beat reporters Morse, Denty, and Todaro (click on links below):

  • Tuesday: Town of Jupiter (reporter Hannah Morse; Bill DiPaolo has retired).
  • Wednesday: Village of Wellington (last year Kristina Webb replaced long-time reporter Matt Morgan).
  • Thursday: City of Boynton Beach (first Red Denty and then Chelsea Todaro replaced Alexandra Seltzer who was promoted to County reporter).
  • Friday: City of Palm Beach Gardens (Sarah Peters).
  • Saturday: City of West Palm Beach (Tony Doris).


The Six Special Cities:

Post reporter Lulu Ramadan covers the Delray Beach beat, eclipsed by Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, the Town of Jupiter and Village of Wellington as well.

FYI: If you are interested in learning more about the City of Lake Worth click on this link for the official website and browse around for a bit. And if you wish, you can follow the City on Twitter as well:

And Save The Date!

Big change coming next week and excitement too. Monday is the change in recycling methods, Friday is the first Lake Ave. Block Party and Monday, Oct. 8th is Columbus Day, a City holiday. For more upcoming events click on this link.