Thursday, February 7, 2019

In the Village of Palm Springs, Florida, is the last drive-in movie theater, “north along Florida’s eastern coastline”.

And what is that drive-in movie theater called in Palm Springs? It’s called the Lake Worth Drive-In.

Yes. That’s right. The Lake Worth Drive-In is not located in the City of Lake Worth.

And neither was the location of a plane crash last October that occurred in John Prince Park that was reported by so many in the press and news media to have happened ‘in Lake Worth’. For too many reporters everything that happens west of the Atlantic Ocean in Central Palm Beach County is “in Lake Worth”.

By the way, do you recall that plane crash that happened nearby the Lake Worth Drive-In three years ago? Every single reporter at The Palm Beach Post — even veteran ones who knew better — reported that tragedy occurred ‘in Lake Worth’. It didn’t. More about that a little later.

And sometimes the press can be very clever. . .

Palm Beach Post reporters Larry Aydlette and Melanie Mena penned a very good and in-depth article about the history of drive-in movie theaters in Palm Beach County — deftly and very carefully stepping around reporting in which municipality this drive-in is actually located — never once mentioning it’s located in Palm Springs. However, on the flip side not once did the reporters write, “in Lake Worth” either, which is a remarkable improvement. Here is how the article was subtitled,

“Only one drive-in remains in Palm Beach County: the Lake Worth Drive-In”

If you wish to visit this drive-in movie theater some night for a show, here is an excerpt from the Post article:

Palm Beach County’s only drive-in is a swap shop during the days. It gets good online reviews for its low movie prices ($7 for adults, $2 for kids), but so-so on other amenities. [emphasis added]

The drive-in address is 3438 Lake Worth Rd. in Palm Springs. Call 561-965-4518 for more information or click on this link.

Some of you may recall the Lake Worth Drive-In is very near the site of a terrible tragedy, a plane crash back in October 2015. The pilot died in the crash which occurred at a nearby trailer park next to the drive-in. And to everyone’s horror, a young woman living in one of the mobile homes lost her life as well. Truly tragic.

The Palm Beach Post reported this happened “in Lake Worth” which was completely false. Even after learning the facts the original news in the Post was never corrected.

A newspaper clipping from almost three years ago.

Click on image to enlarge:

This plane crash did not happen “in Lake Worth”.
It did not happen in Palm Springs either. The plane crashed in a small pocket of unincorporated PBC
in what is called the “Lake Worth Corridor”, or also called “suburban Lake Worth”.

You can see the location in this image where
that plane tragically crashed.

By the way, only two reporters in Palm Beach County accurately reported the location of that tragedy: Charlie Keegan and Brian Entin, both former reporters at NBC5/WPTV.