Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lake Worth Commissioner Omari Hardy in his own words about a resolution and “[B]an on assault weapons”.

But first, on the topic of enacting and enforcing regulations on assault weapons, the editor(s) at The Palm Beach Post published an editorial today (Sunday, 4/22) titled, “Every Florida city should fight extreme state gun law” referring to State law and what local elected official can and cannot do to restrict guns.

So while many cities in Palm Beach County are still fully engaged trying to solve vexing problems like the heroin/opioid epidemic, was the editor at the Post suggesting today that small cities like the City of Lake Worth need to direct more funding and staff time to join a lawsuit that will drag on for many years?

The editorial in the Post today ends with this line about joining a lawsuit, that it “deserves every Palm Beach County municipality’s support.” The City of Lake Worth has already shown its support for more gun regulations when it passed Resolution 17-208 unanimously on Tuesday, April 17th and hopefully the editor(s) at the Post aren’t suggesting this City needs to do more. How much has the Town of Palm Beach done so far in support of strengthening gun regulations? Or the Village of Wellington? Palm Beach Gardens?

But anyhow. . .

Let’s get back to Lake Worth Commissioner Hardy in his own words about a City of Lake Worth resolution and a “[B]an on assault weapons”.

The editor(s) at the Post didn’t help matters much when they published another false and very misleading Letter to the Editor on April 17th vis-à-vis commissioners Omari Hardy and Herman Robinson and their stated positions on a ban of assault weapons within the municipal City limits.

Here are two excerpts from that ‘letter’ with the heading, “Kudos to Robinson for stance on guns”:

I was dismayed to read the letter, “Deter cowards with superior firepower” (Friday), stating that the writer disagreed with Commissioner Herman Robinson’s desire to ban all weapons developed for war from the city of Lake Worth.
     I commend Robinson for being the only commissioner [FALSE; see below for “Now for the facts”] to stand tall and ask for this reasonable approach to guns.

and. . .

     The answer is simple, and why is Robinson the only one [FALSE] to step up and ask the city of Lake Worth to do the right thing?

By the way, do remember another letter published recently in the Post about the City of Lake Worth being, “[L]ike one huge cheap biker bar”?

If you would like to write your own Letter to the Editor today, responding to all this silly nonsense on the editorial page, learn how by clicking on this link. It only takes 5–10 minutes to write a letter to the editor and have it published in the print edition next week.

Now for the facts:

On the agenda at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting held on April 17th are these two excerpts from Item 9I, “Resolution 17-2018”*:

The Resolution [17-2018] advocates for common-sense policies that keep guns out of dangerous hands while respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners, and strongly believes that Congress and state governments should take action to close deadly gaps in the NICS.

and. . .

Commissioners [Herman] Robinson and [Omari] Hardy have requested that the City take a position advocating for changes by lawmakers at the Federal and State levels to significantly improve the processes such as background checks and for designating certain devices and weapons as illegal.

Why can’t the City of Lake Worth pass any laws restricting the sale of weapons? It ends up Hardy explained this situation quite well about three weeks ago, even better than the editor(s) at the Post were able to do in that editorial today.

Let Commissioner Omari Hardy explain “in his own words” from the dais at the City Commission meeting on April 3rd.

[Note that Commissioner Hardy concludes his
remarks about “assault weapons” at
the 33:30 mark in this video.]

*Resolution 9I is on pp. 103–115 of the Commission agenda. Click on this link to download the “Full Version” and read the entire resolution.
NICS   =  National Instant Criminal Background Check System.