Friday, January 25, 2019

Former-candidate Mr. Ryan Hartman:

“By the end of the campaign, they refused to even call me for interviews (in fact, Kevin Thompson lied in two of his articles about trying to contact me.”

And. . .

“I’m not going anywhere.
Let’s get s■■■ done!!!

In the continuing efforts on this blog over the last few months demonstrating the priorities when running for a seat on the Lake Worth City Commission — e.g., how crucial it is to create a credible “Opening Statement” — also advised is not using the word ‘s■■■’ if you lose your election bid, especially if one is planning on running again.

For example, “Let’s get s■■■ done!!!” wrote Mr. Hartman in his concession to District 1 Commission Scott Maxwell two years ago:

“By the end of the campaign, they [the press] refused to even call me for interviews (in fact, Kevin Thompson lied in two of his articles about trying to contact me). Two days before the election, the majority of my ‘team’ dropped me like a bad habit to focus on another challenger.”

However, prior to becoming a candidate for the District 1 seat in the City of Lake Worth back in 2016, Mr. Hartman received well-deserved news coverage from Palm Beach Post reporter Daphne Duret:

WEST PALM BEACH — A trio of environmental protesters were sentenced to probation, community service and fines Friday after a jury convicted them of resisting arrest and disrupting a school function during a 2014 protest against Briger Forest development in Palm Beach Gardens.
     The verdicts against Bailey Riley, Ashley Lyons and Ryan Hartman came almost a year to the day after the members of Everglades Earth First! staged a Nov. 7, 2014 protest of the Kolter Group’s project to build 360 homes on the the Briger property between Hood Road and Donald Ross Road.

and. . .

     The two women had chained themselves to a disabled van blocking both lanes of Hood Road, which construction workers used to go to the Briger project. Hartman owned the van and had helped disable it.

“And I got to talk about Anarchism to a jury!”

To read Mr. Hartman’s concession message in March 2016 and about “Politics 101: How NOT to write a concession” click on this link.

Mr. Hartman lost in a landslide to Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell who received 65% of the vote in 2016 to remain Vice Mayor for the City of Lake Worth and commissioner for District 1. Maxwell was as on the ballot this year as well. He won again. But this time he will serve a three-year term.