Sunday, March 25, 2018


The fourth Sunday in March: The City of Lake Worth’s annual Special Keepsake Series called “Hometown Destinations”.*

That’s right, today is the anniversary!

“WELCOME TO THE L-DUB” was the headline in The Palm Beach Post in March 2017!

Learn more below about The Palm Beach Post and that special insert published last year in the Sunday paper on March 26th, 2017 (see below). This popular special insert, if you recall, is called the Special Keepsake Series that everyone is still raving about: visitors and tourists alike.

So. How did the City of Lake Worth become so “Quirky” with a capital ‘Q’ as Mayor Pam Triolo is fond of saying?

The answer is this: It all began with an artist named Kevin van Derr Werff, a cover designer at The Palm Beach Post. See the image below created by the highly-talented Mr. van Derr Werff that started the ‘Quirky’ craze here in “the L-Dub”!

The slang term ‘L-Dub’ was first popularized by a beat reporter from the Post. Learn more about that below.

And also below are the credits — the designer at The Palm Beach Post, graphic artist, feature staff writers (e.g., Liz Balmaseda), the eight (8) photographers, and a beat reporter, Kevin Thompson — all those people that made this “Special Keepsake” so very special “to the L-Dub”!


This 12-page highly-sought-after collectible edition (colorful images below) published in the Post’s Sunday print edition was subtitled on the front page,

Where SMALL delights create
BIG personality.”


The credits:

  • Cover design: Kevin van Derr Werff.
  • Graphics: Steve Lopez.
  • Feature-article writers: Jan Tuckwood and Liz Balmaseda (with a contribution/photos by a staff beat reporter, Kevin Thompson).
  • Photographers: Jan Tuckwood, Damon Higgins, Bruce R. Bennett, Gary Coronado, Ellie Gutierrez, Richard Graulich, Melanie Bell and Allen Eyestone.

Here’s the front page, above the fold, enticing the
reader, tourists, visitors, and investors to learn
more about “THE L-DUB” last March:
For the standard definition of the slang ‘L-DUB’ used by the Post editors click on this link. [Note that Elle-Dub and El-Dub (Spanish variants), L-Dub and LDub (upper/lowercase with or sans hyphen), and the French/EU LéDûb are also acceptable,
depending on the situation.]

This is the front page as well — below the fold —
of this ‘Special Keepsake’.

[Credit: Mr. Kevin van Derr Werff.]
On page S5 is an incredible article by Jan Tuckwood about City Manager Michael Bornstein titled, “The ‘New’ Lake Worth” and on p. S6, “What makes a town a hometown?”

From p. S12, the back page of this “HOMETOWN DESTINATION” in the Post’s collectible
Keepsake edition:
Meet the iconic City of Lake Worth resident Mr. Greg Rice who is fond of asking the question, “Why would anyone want to live in places where you
have to wear socks?”

*Please note: The City of Lake Worth is the only city in Palm Beach County to ever receive this singular and distinct “Hometown Destinations” honor from the editors at The Palm Beach Post in the print edition, beating out cities such as West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Westlake.