Thursday, March 29, 2018

A powerful Easter message: The Lake Worth Cribune on “locking your @#$%&! bike!”

Below is an edition of The Lake Worth Cribune from April 2015. The editor had a strong message for the community of Lake Worth: Lock your bike!

We learned three years ago from Lake Worth PBSO District 14 Captain Baer how the bike theft problem is skewing crime statistics in the City and making the crime issue look much worse than it actually is.

A bike theft can happen in seconds. Let’s say you decide to get a cup of coffee on your way to the BEACH! and you leave your bike unattended for a few seconds to get a ‘cuppa Joe’? That’s all the time a bike thief needs. Protect your ride and help the image of Lake Worth: Never, EVER, leave your bike unattendedNot even at Starbucks.

The Lake Worth Cribune, a now-defunct tabloid, began publishing in late 2014 and closed up shop shortly after the election season in March 2015.

“Maier” on the front page of the Crib (see below) is then-District 4 Commissioner Ryan Maier who opted not to run for re-election in 2017.

Click on the Crib to enlarge:
The Lake Worth Cribune is not to be confused with The Lake Worth Herald which remains a successful newspaper and “Lake Worth’s Oldest Established Business – Established in 1912”.