Monday, November 27, 2017

Spread the word:: There is no such place in Central Palm Beach County called ‘Western Lake Worth’.

Confusing the public must be a high priority
for the editors at The Palm Beach Post.

Because — once again — in today’s Monday (11/27) print edition, the LWVVSMCPE, the words ‘western Lake Worth’ were used once again. Is anyone surprised the Post is up For Sale? The jingle at the Post is, “Real News Starts Here”. Pretty ironic isn’t it?

Anyhow, the blog post below is a reminder for the press and news media, that when it comes to municipal borders, the public expects and deserves accuracy:

There is no such place or area in Palm Beach County called ‘Western Lake Worth’. 

Very misleading and inaccurate headline in Palm
Beach Post’s online edition (Sat., Nov. 25th):
Headline should read, “Manager at suburban Lake Worth McDonald’s. . .”; another example of an accurate headline is below.

Every few months The Palm Beach Post tries to create Palm Beach County’s 40th city or a fictional area called ‘Western Lake Worth’ with inaccurate and misleading headlines such as this one in the Post’s online edition:

‘Western Lake Worth’ McDonald’s manager. . .

Then the next day some in the TV news media will begin using the same false term ‘Western Lake Worth’ which is a way to get around using the accurate term, “suburban Lake Worth”. 

Another accurate headline could have been:

“Suburban Lake Worth McDonald’s manager. . .”

There is no such thing as ‘Western Lake Worth’. Either you are IN the City of Lake Worth or you are NOT IN the City of Lake Worth.*

So. As a reminder for the press and news media. . .

Once again. To learn the difference between the City of Lake Worth and unincorporated Palm Beach County (or “suburban Lake Worth”) click on this link.

Note there is no city called ‘Western Lake Worth’ on
the map below courtesy of your Palm Beach
County (PBC) government:
The areas in white are unincorporated PBC.
Areas west of the City of Lake Worth that are unincorporated are called “suburban Lake Worth”.

There is no ‘Western Lake Worth’ on this
zip code map either:
For a more in-depth discussion about “What Is
and What Is Not the City of Lake Worth”
click on this link.

I hope this helps.

*For another particularly egregious false news report about an incident ‘in Lake Worth’ that actually occurred well outside the City limits, use this link for a “Rabies-Positive Area Cautioned” in unincorporated Central Palm Beach County, west of the City of Atlantis.