Sunday, March 31, 2019

Worth another look. Rising to the next level: Advice from a Delray Beach businessman.

I received the most unfortunate correspondence from a visitor to Lake Worth from a Delray businessman (see letter below). Hard to believe, but it’s been well over 3½ decades since our City of Lake Worth had a Downtown store for a man to purchase a quality pant for a business or professional meeting. Incredulous.

If you cover your eyes and throw a Bouncing Ball high up in the air over our Downtown, when it comes down and bounces around you’ll hit three or four stores that sell a women’s pant but if you’re a man in need of a business pant you are out of luck.

Read the letter below — from over 6½ years ago! — and ask yourself this question: How much of a future does our City really have if we don’t have a quality store for a businessman to buy a pant for a business meeting?

Dear Blogger, I was recently in your charming city and had a most unfortunate experience. I live in Delray Beach and have a small consulting firm. Received a message from one of your Lake Worth business owners about a project she was considering in the downtown. We set up a meeting at the restaurant Brogues Downunder for early afternoon, just a casual meeting we both agreed. I took the shuttle in downtown Delray Beach to the TriRail en route to Lake Worth and then the cab to your downtown.
     On the cab ride received a call that our meeting was now to include not just my contact but other Lake Worth residents with influence in your city. Now here I am dressed Florida casual with nice shoes, fashionable short sleeve shirt, and SHORTS! Exquisite shorts, Hilfiger, but still shorts. I was so upset I instructed the cabbie to hurry to the downtown area so I could purchase a pair of men’s business pants for the meeting. Just the thought of being at a professional meeting at Brogues wearing shorts was horrifying. Not having a suit jacket is one thing but not having long pants is downright uncivilized.
     I get to the downtown and I rush madly down your Lake Avenue looking for a men’s pants store. Then I traverse over to your Lucerne Avenue and cannot find a men’s pants store there either. I couldn’t believe it. Frantically I stopped a man on a Segway and he told me, “Sorry, Sir, Lake Worth doesn't have any men’s pants stores.” Appalling. With just minutes to go, now desperate, I happened on a store with women’s clothing and did what I had to do.
     The meeting went very well and your city is so charming. The people of Lake Worth are so nice and pleasant. Must say the potential of your city is limitless. Oh, and the Grilled Mahi at Brogues Downunder was the best Mahi ever. Superbly cooked.
     After the meeting went to a friends house to change back into my casual clothes and thought, hey, why don’t I take picture of myself first! What better way to show the need for men’s fashion in your fine city.
     So here is my picture attached.


You decide. Is this acceptable?

If you think this is a big problem, contact
the City of Lake Worth’s Dept. of Economic
and the Lake Worth Community
Redevelopment Agency
too and say, “We need a
store for men to buy a business pant!”