Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Video below: Learn more about the Blueway Trail project. Watch and listen for yourself sans the political rhetoric.

In the video below listen to Kim DeLaney, PhD, the Dir. of Strategic Development and Policy at the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and Jonathan Armbruster, P.E., vice president of Taylor Engineering’s Waterfront Engineering Group.

Dont let this project become a political football. No one is rushingthe Blueway Trail project.

This project is not even close to finishing the planning phase. Questions about litigation, public safety, crime(how did crime suddenly become part of this?), and all the other open-ended questions and so-called community fearswill be answered in time. In fact, many of those issues have already been addressed and/or are being addressed now.

Here is one page from the 28-page report discussed at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters last Friday:
Note the words, Preliminary and Probable. Hope you find this video helpful and share it with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors: