Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Just in case you missed this from yesterday. . .

Already read this? Thank you for visiting today and please scroll down. Question: Have you been by the corner of S. Lakeside Drive and 1st Ave. South lately? See photos below.

Weekly Progress Report, Gulfstream Hotel, Lake Worth, Florida.

Week ending Sunday, July 23rd, 2017. Once again, there is no progress to report. No press releases. No public community updates.

For the Weekly Progress Report ending the week of July 16th, use this link.

Do you remember the Post article last January titled, “EXCLUSIVE: Real estate company considers selling historic Gulfstream Hotel in Lake Worth” and when it was suggested the Code Enforcement Dept. was somehow responsible for all the problems at the Gulfstream property?

. . . City Manager Michael Bornstein, who called Hudson Holdings’ decision a “huge” disappointment, disputed [Steven] Michael’s characterization, saying more than $100 million worth of new private investment and projects are underway in Lake Worth.
     “This is from a city that seven or eight years ago had no commercial permits pulled to now over $100 million,” Bornstein said. “(Michael’s comments) don’t match up with the realities.”

In the very same article in the Post Mr. Michaels, the “Hudson Holdings co-founder” suggested it was the fault of Code Enforcement for the project not moving forward (if you recall, the Post backpedaled fast from that story):

     According to William Waters, the city’s director for community sustainability who oversees the Lake Worth’s code compliance division, Hudson Holdings hasn’t done a good job of maintaining the property and has not acted in a timely manner to complaints.
     “The neighbors are unhappy,” Waters said.

Hudson Holdings* purchased the Gulfstream Hotel in May 2014. Remember how excited we all were in January 2016 when we saw the renderings for the ‘new hotel’ and how the Gulfstream would look after its “renovation”?

Let’s take a look back to the Gulfstream Hotel,
“Then and NOW!” (video from Feb. 2016):

Here are the recent photos, the corner of Lakeside Drive and 1st Ave. South:

Who is responsible for maintaining this corner? The owners of the Gulfstream? The City of Lake Worth?
Nice convenient Downtown location for criminals to hide from PBSO or ditch stolen bikes, isn’t it?

This public sidewalk is nearly impassable.

It’s Hurricane Season. Shouldn’t this overgrowth have been removed by now?

Just a reminder, from Hudson Holdings website:
“A Glimpse Into The Past”:

“Once referred to as the ‘Jewel of Lake Worth’ . . . this elegant property is undergoing a
multi-million dollar face lift”.

*To contact Hudson Holdings, specializing in “adaptive reuse of premier historic structures”, use this link or call 561-768-7621. For the Gulfstream Hotel’s Facebook page use this link. Email: info@hudsonholdings.com