Wednesday, January 25, 2017

That big cloud of dust is The Palm Beach Post backpedalling. Remember that article about the Gulfsteam Hotel on January 17th?

The blog post below (following the image and caption) isn’t really about the Gulfstream Hotel at all. What it’s really about is which elected officials get the scrutiny and tough questions from the press, and more importantly, which elected official in Lake Worth never does: Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD.

At the end of this blog post are some questions the press will never ask McVoy. Here’s another one:

Question: “Commissioner McVoy. You’re now claiming speeding cars in the City is the reason you opposed the bond referendum last November. Why didn’t you issue a press release or get this information to the public back then? Produce the data last year?”

Oddly enough, here’s a relatively inexpensive and simple solution to speeding cars from Yours Truly.

Look folks. Everyone knows McVoy is going to get the endorsement from the Post editorial board. It’s a given. But McVoy’s endorsement will be one with a lot of finger-pointing at other elected officials like Mayor Triolo et al.

The Gulfstream Hotel story in the Post last week, unfairly, pointed the finger at the City’s Code Enforcement. Now here’s a question the editors at the Post can ask McVoy (but won’t):

“Commissioner McVoy. You’ve been a sitting commissioner since 2010. Can you show us your accomplishments to make the Code Department better? More efficient?

Remember. McVoy has a PhD. 

The reaction to this news article unfairly attacking Code Enforcement in the Post was swift, both from the public and City government as well. The City of Lake Worth shouldn’t have to demand quality news reporting.

For the background on the “backpedalling” at the Post, use this link.

It’s the fault of Code Enforcement that the Gulfstream Hotel still sits vacant.
Absolutely False. This is what happens when reporters and editors try to explain complex stories using simple narratives.

Reporters and editors aren’t given the time and resources to verify the facts.
Absolutely True.

Remember this: It’s not the press’ job to pick winners and losers. There are only 48 days left until election day in Lake Worth. Elected leaders deserve accountability. Absolutely True. But so do former elected’s as well. However, there won’t be enough “time and resources” to verify those facts.

Remember. Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and commissioners Andy Amoroso and Ryan Maier ARE NOT UP FOR RE-ELECTION.

But Commissioner Chris McVoy is.

He deserves the tough questions too. But he doesn’t get those. For some reason McVoy gets a “free pass”. For example, you’ll never hear a question concerning McVoy’s observations about the Socialist Party last year:

“Commissioner McVoy. Can you explain why you support Nicolás Maduro and the Socialist Party in Venezuela?” Or this: “Why would you bring up term limits when you’ve been a commissioner since 2010?” Or. . . “Why didn’t you come to the defense of Mayor Triolo when one of your supporters posted an image of her burning in effigy?”