Sunday, April 23, 2017

Remember when a former Lake Worth Commissioner with a PhD celebrated the Socialist Party takeover in Venezuela?

Go Democracy! It’s good when it works!
—Quote: Former City Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, at a City Commission meeting excited about the United Socialist Party takeover in Venezuela.

“Venezuela in the eyes of Australia”:

“A sepulchral chill of sadness and pain blew in when we learned the news of Fidel’s departure,” added [Nicolás] Maduro, as Socialist Party officials, the Cuban ambassador, and supporters wiped away tears, waved flags, and sang traditional Cuban songs including “Guantanamera.”
—Excerpt from Reuters. President Maduro is leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Prior to Election Day last March did now-citizen Mr. McVoy come down your street, knocking on doors, and spreading a few kind words about the passing of Fidel Castro and how much he missed the former president of Cuba?

Did McVoy remark briefly about critics of the government who just suddenly disappear, never to be seen from again, and did he talk up communism and about how wonderful socialism is too, and that food lines, out-of-control inflation, and roving packs of angry people with AK-47’s are just temporary inconveniences?

Then-commissioner and now Mr. McVoy wearing his Venezuelan baseball cap.
The United Socialist Party takeover of Venezuela was a reason for celebration for some in our City 2 years ago.

This is what McVoy said:

     “Happy New Year! Some folks in the room may be aware. . . [a pause as McVoy dons Venezuelan baseball cap] that’s my Venezuelan cap! Today was a very significant part of democracy in the world. The major elections that happened in early December [2015] in Venezuela that drastically changed the course of what the country’s been doing for the last stretch. They were inaugurated in the national assembly today.
     I was able to watch some of that. And it went very peacefully despite some very strong differences of views and opinions and changing of the guard.
     So, ummm, Go Democracy! It's good when it works!"

“Go Democracy!”? In Venezuela? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

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