Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Re-post: Let’s just say there was a huge spike — or a “storm surge” of interest if you will — traffic to my blog yesterday.

The City of Lake Worth’s Electric Utility, “Blows Again”.

“[S]everal appliances, such as refrigerators, were blown by the power surge, and the affected parties had difficulty phoning in their problem to the utility company because of the communication gap.”

From The Lake Worth Herald, its “Ninety-Fourth Year” of publishing, March 30th, 2006.

Click on image to enlarge:

Question: Were you a Lake Worth Electric Utility customer last year? Do you remember “Maligned Lake Worth survived storm well”?

“Back in the day”, even before hurricanes Francis and Jeanne in 2004 (exactly two weeks apart), and then Hurricane Wilma in 2005:

“We had what were referred to as ‘palm frond’ or ‘small dead animal’ excuses the City would use for virtually inexplicable outages, some occurring during clear weather, in the middle of the day.”

Needless to say, a lot has changed since then.