Tuesday, June 13, 2017

IDEAS KEEP ON ROLLING IN: What to do with that “somber, bleak flea market near Lake Worth High School?”

What about moving the flea market to the Atlantis Country Club (or another community meeting place in our neighboring city)?

For example: If the Lake Worth High School Alumni Foundation can hold a “Hats On” event with a raffle and silent auction in the City of Atlantis to benefit Lake Worth High School, what better place to have a flea market to purchase all those hats and auction items?

Good idea isn’t it? Read more about this newest idea below.

Have you read the continuing news about that depressed flea market near our City’s high school?

There are so many creative ways for the organizers to turn everything around:
A good start for flea market organizers is to study the expert’s “5 tips” published by the business editor at The Palm Beach Post.

Here’s the latest idea and the justification:

Move that underperforming flea market to the Atlantis Country Club!

Since the flea market opens up and closes down so early on the weekend most of the residents in the Great Walled City of Atlantis would never even know it happened!

PBSO uses the Atlantis Country Club to help fund their anti-gang and Christmas Giveaway for children in the City of Lake Worth and so does a former Lake Worth commissioner and City resident when she attends her meetings with the ACLU. There are many other benefits and activities held in Atlantis to help our City.

A lot of former residents of the City of Lake Worth, including two former mayors, live in Atlantis. And many other long-time Atlantis residents are long-time supporters of our Lake Worth High School as well.

Now doesn’t it make perfect sense to move that flea market to the City of Atlantis? Find out more about the Atlantis Country Club using this link. They have a big parking lot and FREE PARKING too!