Monday, December 18, 2017

Remember when a former Lake Worth commissioner celebrated the Socialist Party takeover in Venezuela?

But first, here’s the latest from reporters Meredith Kohut and Isayen Herrera at The New York Times, in an article titled, “Hunger has gripped the nation for years. Now, it’s killing children.” An excerpt:

     Hunger has stalked Venezuela for years. Now, it is killing the nation’s children at an alarming rate, doctors in the country’s public hospitals say.
     Venezuela has been shuddering since its economy began to collapse in 2014. Riots and protests over the lack of affordable food, excruciating long lines for basic provisions, soldiers posted outside bakeries and angry crowds ransacking grocery stores have rattled cities, providing a telling, public display of the depths of the crisis.

and. . .

     Women line up at sterilization clinics to avoid having children they can’t feed. Young boys leave home and join street gangs to scavenge for scraps, their bodies bearing the scars of knife fights with competitors. Crowds of adults storm Dumpsters after restaurants close. Babies die because it is hard to find or afford infant formula, even in emergency rooms.

“Go Democracy!”,
said Chris McVoy, PhD.

McVoy was a three-term City of Lake Worth commissioner (2010–2017) who was defeated last March by a slim margin.

At a Lake Worth City Commission meeting in January 2015 McVoy was thrilled (see image below) to announce the news that Hugo Chávez’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicolás Maduro, the Fifth Republic of the United Socialist Party, and subsequent brutal takeover of Venezuela that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (now deceased) supported.

To this day that once-proud South American country of Venezuela remains one being ruled by decree of Socialist Party Dictator Maduro.

“Go Democracy! It’s good
when it works!”

Then-commissioner and now Mr. McVoy
wearing his Venezuelan baseball cap.
For some people, the United Socialist Party takeover of Venezuela by Nicolás Maduro was a reason for celebration in our City of Lake Worth:

“Happy New Year! Some folks in the room may be aware. . . [a pause as McVoy dons Venezuelan baseball cap] that’s my Venezuelan cap! Today was a very significant part of democracy in the world. The major elections that happened in early December [2015] in Venezuela that drastically changed the course of what the country’s been doing for the last stretch. They were inaugurated in the national assembly today.
     I was able to watch some of that. And it went very peacefully despite some very strong differences of views and opinions and changing of the guard.
     So, ummm, Go Democracy! It's good when it works!"

“Go Democracy!”?
Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

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