Thursday, April 20, 2017

The surprising “hot button topics” at the City Commission meeting last Tuesday: Facebook and “panhandlers”.

The City Commission meeting from last Tuesday, April 18th, is now available online. Use this link to watch the entire meeting which lasted less than 2 hours. Two topics in particular stood out: the issue of panhandling and questioning the reasoning why our City does not have a Facebook page. More about that later.

In case you didn’t know, the City of Lake Worth is now posting City Commission meetings on YouTube. This and more information can be found on the opening page of the City of Lake Worth’s website. Videotaping Commission meetings was something Yours Truly did for quite some time. Now it’s nice being able to sit home and watch the process of government happen in real time.

And yes, Dustin, I heard what you said about the Michigan State Spartans. Am looking forward to October 7th, my dear friend.

You may have seen one of my Lake Worth Commission YouTube videos before, e.g., the quite un-charming “Outburst in the Commission chambers last July, 2016, or another video from May 2011 when then-Vice Mayor Suzanne Mulvehill praised the work done by PBSO and former Cpt. Rolando Silva here in our little City of Lake Worth (Silva is now the captain in Wellington).

On the subject of PBSO, Cpt. Todd Baer gave an excellent update last night and very highly recommend you watch. Click on the link in the opening paragraph above and watch starting from the 12:45 minute mark; the Q/A ends at the 52 minute mark.

Commissioner Omari Hardy seems not pleased at all with the City’s reasoning for not having a “City of Lake Worth” Facebook page. Hardy is completely right. There is nothing at all wrong or inappropriate posting about upcoming Commission meetings and workshops, City press releases, and urgent news from the City. Remember Hurricane Matthew last year?

The City of Boca Raton is on Facebook. Their City Council meeting is tonight, from their “Meeting Notice”:
  • Wednesday, April 19, 2017
  • City Council
  • Live Meeting Coverage TONIGHT at 6 pm
The City of Lake Worth needs a Facebook page a month ago. Going another month doesn’t make any sense.

And on the subject of panhandling: this is a very big deal with the public. The City needs to listen and they need to act in some way. The public perception is the City is “dropping the ball” on this matter. Again, Commissioner Hardy brought up this topic and so did the public at the Commission meeting last night.

City residents are concerned about our City’s image and there are public safety matters as well. Of course, most everyone is aware there is a certain former commissioner — one with money to burn, just waiting for the City, a City employee, or a PBSO deputy to make a mistake — and then file a big, juicy lawsuit giving our City a big “black eye” in the media and press. That is a legitimate concern; the City needs to act responsibly on behalf of the taxpayers.

However, one person in particular raised some very serious concerns about panhandlers at last night’s Commission meeting: watch that for yourself using this link.

Here’s an idea: Can the City of Lake Worth form a volunteer board to handle this issue of panhandling? If you recall, the City just recently formed a board for a very small group of residents over concerns about the C-51 Canal. Just pointing that out.

Anyhow, last night’s Commission meeting was a bit less than 2 hours — that’s very good news — the business of the City is being treated like real business in a business-like manner. That’s why the elections last March were indeed “seismic”, our New Lake Worth City Commission (for the most part), is doing the business of the City in a professional manner.

And. . . when will the official photograph of the New City Commission be put on the City’s website? Where are the photographs of Commissioner Omari Hardy and Commissioner Herman Robinson? The election was almost 5 weeks ago.