Sunday, December 31, 2017

My Dear Friend Dustin.

Dear Dustin,

Your one-liner at the Lake Worth City Commission last year was one of the classics, all time. Whilst sitting home and watching that City Commission meeting I laughed myself silly. It was that good. The timing and choice of agenda items? Priceless. You truly did, my Dear Friend, you “brought the house down” with your clever one-liner about my football team, the Michigan State Spartans.

Truly, I can’t recall a time seeing everyone, the mayor, all the commissioners, City attorney and manager laughing so hard. Written by Dustin on a comment card which was handed to the mayor to read aloud, Dustin. . .

“[W]rote that everyone should wish Wes Blackman and the Michigan State Spartans good luck on their bowl game.”

What was so funny last year. . .

For those of you who don’t follow college football, my Michigan State Spartans did not go to a bowl game in 2016. Why not? Their record was 3-9. It was a terrible year for my beloved football team. I know. I watched every single game.

But 2017 turned out a bit differently. My team, the Michigan State Spartans defeated Dustins beloved Michigan Wolverines this year. And in 2017 the Spartans went 10-3, a remarkable turnaround. And they crushed Washington State in the Holiday Bowl too.

So as we all prepare to watch the Outback Bowl tomorrow at noon between the Michigan Wolverines and the South Carolina Gamecocks, well, would just like to remind my Good Friend Dustin that in the game of football every second counts, including the final seconds:

Below is the logo of my new, most favorite football team. Click on this link to read about the storied history of the South Carolina Gamecocks:

Remember amigo, ‘Wolverine’ tears taste like sugar! Mmmm mmmm Delicious!
The Outback Bowl tomorrow is also being called the “Unranked Bowl”.