Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My dear friend Dustin.

Dear Dustin,

Last night was one of the classics, all time. Sitting home and watching the City Commission meeting last night I laughed myself. It was that good. The timing and choice of agenda items? Priceless. You truly did, my Dear Friend, you “brought the house down” with your clever one-liner about my football team, the Michigan State Spartans.

To do your handiwork work justice, my Dear Friend, later on today or tomorrow will watch the YouTube video of last night’s meeting to jot down your exact wording — as read by Mayor Pam Triolo — from your comment card left at the meeting. Truly, I can’t recall a time seeing everyone, the mayor, all the commissioners, City attorney and manager laughing so hard. 

It wasn’t all that long ago when the mayor delivered another one of your one-liners at the City Commission, just last December: 

“Mayor Triolo read the comments written by Dustin Zacks. Mr. Zacks wrote that everyone should wish Wes Blackman and the Michigan State Spartans good luck on their bowl game.”

For those of you who don’t follow college football, my Michigan State Spartans did not go to a bowl game last year. It was a terrible year for my beloved football team. I know. I watched every single game.

This is another year and hope springs eternal. I’m looking forward to October 7th. Keep your fingers crossed and remember, every play in football counts, including the final seconds:

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DZ said...

"It was not a good year for Michigan State." Remember amigo, Spartan tears taste like sugar! Mmmm mmmm Delicious!