Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Looking forward to October 7th, my dear friend Dustin.

From the minutes of the December 13th, 2016, Lake Worth City Commission meeting is this little item from public comment, an example of comedic lampooning or superciliousness, if you will:

“Mayor Triolo read the comments written by Dustin Zacks. Mr. Zacks wrote that everyone should wish Wes Blackman and the Michigan State Spartans good luck on their bowl game.”

It’s true, Dustin. It was not a good year for Michigan State. For those of you who don’t get the joke, Michigan State didn’t go to a bowl game last year. Then a little later on Dec. 30th Michigan went to play Florida State and. . .

“Michigan’s season ended on a couple of low notes, losing in double-overtime to Ohio State to blow a shot at both a Big Ten title and a Playoff bid. The Orange Bowl loss doesn’t help.”

And who can ever forget this?

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DZ said...

"It was not a good year for Michigan State." Remember amigo, Spartan tears taste like sugar! Mmmm mmmm Delicious!