Saturday, April 8, 2017

Now that our City’s pool at the Beach is shut down, possibly never to re-open, have you considered Prancing to the Beach?

Please note: Below is important information from Sally Welsh if you’re still looking for pool exercise options for yourself and/or a family member.

But first, have you thought about Prancing? There is actually an exercise routine called “Prancercise”; you can watch an instructional video (see below).

You can do this exercise yourself or gather together groups of people, meet up at Bryant Park, and prance over the bridge to the Beach! How cool would that be? Think about all the people that would come out from their condos in Palm Beach just to watch all the prancers prance proudly on by:

Then there’s this variation on the theme:

Neighborhood clubs can form like the “LDub Prancers”, the “Prancing Mangos”, or even the “Pineapple Prancettes” and they can prance gleefully and exercise up and down the bridge. After all the fun they can prance over to Benny’s on the Beach or prance back downtown to Callaro’s or any one of our other prime lunch venues in the City.

Below is a picture I took at the pool last year following a water exercise class. Did you know Sally is still giving water classes? She is! Just at other area pools for now.

Below is Sally’s contact information and schedules for upcoming classes in our area.
 Text Sally at 561-281-5086. Use this link to learn about all the classes at area pools and there’s a pool party coming up soon as well.

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