Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We all need to do our part: Help our returning Snowbirds settle in and adjust for the Winter.

If you spot a Snowbird, just smile and say, “Welcome back. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Or. . . “Tervetuloa takaisin. Voinko auttaa?”

This is a community effort. The faster our Snowbirds get back moved into places like their condo on Lake Osborne Drive, relearn the parking rules, call up Lynn and say, “Hi! We’re back!”, get their utilities and cable hooked up. . . then it’s off to our local restaurants, the Beach, Evening on the Avenues, and spending money at our local shops, the money that keeps these business people in business all year long.

Then they’ll go to Kilwins Chocolate at the Beach or maybe the Kilwins in Downtown Lake Worth too and not regret a bit that Hoffman’s is gone.

Then they’ll start thinking about exercise.

Welcome Back, Snowbirds! Excited about
exercising in our gorgeous, warm, sunny
South Florida weather?

Let’s say public pools don’t excite you and that chlorine smell is just annoying. Running is out, too rough on the knees and back. Going to parks is boring, repetitive and bicycling is just working the same muscles over and over. What to do?

Kayaking sounds interesting and there are all sorts of water sports available . . . but you’re just looking for something simple, inexpensive, easy to learn, and FUN!

Is there a sport here in South Florida you can do alone, with a friend, or in groups small and large?


And what’s great about this sport it’s for young and old and for every age group in between, for the very healthy and even those convalescing from an injury or illness.

What is this sport? It’s called “Prancercise”,
a novel way of prancing.

Please watch this instructional video.

For example, if you’re a Snowbird in the Lake Worth area here in Central Palm Beach County you can meet up at Bryant Park and prance over the bridge to the Beach! How cool would that be?

Or prance to the Beach for a bonfire!
The City of Lake Worth has been very busy
getting ready for Snowbirds.

Think about all the people that would come out from their condos in Palm Beach just to watch all the prancers prance proudly on by!

Then there’s this variation on the theme:

Even year-round residents can create clubs like the “LDub Prancers”, the “Prancing Mangos”, or even the “Pineapple Prancettes” and they can prance gleefully around the neighborhood or exercise up and down the Robert Harris (Lake Worth) bridge.

After all the fun they can prance over to Benny’s on the Beach or prance back downtown to Callaro’s or any one of our other prime lunch venues in the City.

However, there’s one place you can’t prance to any longer: the City of Lake Worth’s municipal pool at the Beach.

The pool is now condemned due to structural issues
and safety concerns.
 The good news is you might be able to prance to
a brand new aquatic facility at the Beach next
year with all kinds of things like water slides,
a cabana, and water playground too!