Thursday, April 6, 2017

From Post reporter Jan Tuckwood: “Lake Clarke Shores goes all out to celebrate 60th”.

Here in Central Palm Beach County it’s pleasant and compelling to read about other cities other than just see blaring headlines about crime, fires, vehicle crashes, and other unfortunate mayhem. Today in the Post (see link and excerpts below) is an excellent, must-read article about our neighboring Town of Lake Clarke Shores:
“Palm Beach County’s premier lakeside community since 1957.”
Unfortunately, too often though, newsworthy and important information from other cities here in Central Palm Beach County doesn’t make it into the print edition of the Post (e.g., from the City of Greenacres). But more about that a little later.

The small Town of Lake Clarke Shores is east of Palm Springs, west of City of Lake Worth and I-95, indicated by the yellow shading in this map:
The Great Walled City of Atlantis, by the way, is south of Palm Springs (shaded purple). Areas in white are “suburban Lake Worth” and census-designated, unincorporated area called the “Lake Worth Corridor.

The City of Greenacres shares the same Post beat reporter with the City of Lake Worth but that city receives scant attention in that newspaper. For example, very important political news about Greenacres, “Requesting interest to serve as Councilperson in District IV”, was published in The Lake Worth Herald. The deadline to file is tomorrow for a seat on the Greenacres City Council (April 7th by 5:00).

Anyhow, to read the article by Jan Tuckwood about the Town of Lake Clarke Shores, that also appears in today’s (4/6) print edition, use this link. From the article:

Lake Clarke Shores knows how to throw a party.
     For its 60th birthday, the mayor cooked enough barbecue for almost all the town’s 3,500 residents.
     Mayor Robert Shalhoub and his son, Paul, who was just elected to the Town Council, started cooking Friday afternoon for the Sunday party.

And a “fun fact” about our neighboring town:

Lake named for John Clarke: In the early 1900s, John Clarke, son of Palm Beach pioneer Charles Clarke, planted pineapples and built a packinghouse on land south of the present Hillcrest Cemetery on Parker Avenue. He enjoyed fishing in the lake on the western edge of his land. He named the lake after himself.

And, of course, next Monday is another Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE):
One of these days maybe we’ll all be surprised when the Post begins to feature other cities and towns in the “B”, Local Section, other than just the same “Special Six” each and every week. Why cant other cities and towns be special too?