Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Palm Beach Post and election news today about the little City of Lake Worth: A bullet list in progress.

Update: More items have been added to the bullet list below.

Check back later on to review the growing bullet list with questions about this article in the print edition today (page B1, below the fold) and generally about the election news this year about the City of Lake Worth in the Post.

Also find out below what the editors at the Post don’t think (and didn’t think previously) the voters need to know about, e.g., large-scale projects on the horizon in this City, “distinct strides” thus far unreported—draw your own conclusions why—and what the editors, in their opinion, think the voters need to know about next Tuesday, Election Day:
  • Why wasn’t the condition of our roads listed as one of the “deep-rooted issues” voters care about? Maybe because Commissioner McVoy opposed the bond and 69% of voters disagreed with him?
  • Why wasn’t the error on March 6th corrected? There is no election in District 3 this year.
  • A major Downtown polling location was eliminated. Two precincts with a high voter turnout. The Post never reported this. Why not?
  • District 4 Commissioner Ryan Maier dropped out his race for re-election back on Dec. 27th. The Post didn’t report this until Jan. 30th, over a month later. Why?
  • Likely in response to non-factual, misleading news reports the City hired a Media Specialist. Comm. McVoy was quoted today, “We have a noticeable number of people on the edge on whether they are staying in the city or if they’re going to move. . .”. Was it articles like this one, later retracted, that contributed to so many misconceptions about our City?
  • The “code compliance division under fire” is another quote in the article today? Would that be because the Post falsely reported the Gulfstream Hotel remains closed because of the Code Dept.? Totally untrue.
  • City Manager Michael Bornstein called another Post article about Code, “egregious” and “incompetent. Did that create more “fire” on this election issue? The Post editor(s) never responded to its news report being called “egregious” and “incompetent”. Why not? Because it was?
  • On March 6th in the Post a quote by candidate Omari Hardy was taken out of context. Mr. Hardy was referring to Comm. McVoy’s lack of focus on the issues and problems in District 2 at the Playhouse debate. One of those issues important to Mr. Hardy are finding ways to increase home ownership.
  • Did you notice in the article today the line, “Unfortunately, the problem is never going to be solved”, a quote from Herman Robinson was used completely out of context. The quote is referring to the heroin epidemic, not street lighting in our City.
  • When Laura Tingo was hired to be the City’s media specialist that made the print edition. She was put on “the hot seat”. She soon left that position. When the next person was hired, a man, it went unreported in the Post. Would that be an example of sexism?
  • The Post references “distinct strides of late” in Lake Worth. Isn’t news about renewable energy one of those “distinct strides”? Why is this news going unreported in the Post? Don’t the editors think the voters in this City care?
  • The Blueway Trail is a project that will help “a city struggling to realize its potential” and revitalize businesses and tourism but is also going unreported in the Post. Why would that be you think?
  • The editors thought Hoffman’s Chocolate closing a Downtown location was big news for residents and voters to know about. Around the same time though, they never reported shutting down their Tallahassee Bureau and let reporters John Kennedy and David Rogers go. (FYI. The Sun Sentinel in Broward County prints the Post newspapers. How many Lake Worth residents used to work at that former facility on Dixie Hwy. in WBP? Press work wages are very good. Union jobs too.)
  • Last November on the question of “Yes” for the Neighborhood Road Bond or “No” against, the Post editor(s) didn’t make an endorsement. Why not? Flipped a coin and lost it under the sofa?
  • And we haven’t even touched on the Beach, pool, and the mayors State of the City Address yet! Check back tomorrow and Thank You for visiting today.
And. . . on Jan. 30th the debate at the Playhouse went unreported in the Post. But “Artsy Fartsy Decor & More” was the big news of the day “IN FOCUS: LAKE WORTH”?

Kevin Thompson is a reporter. Reporters have a team of editors that verify facts prior to publication and are responsible to The Editor. Would you like to review the bullet list once again?