Monday, March 6, 2017

Just a reminder. Please don’t forget.

“Lake Worth is poised for some major upgrades following residents’ approval — by a whopping 69 percent — of a $40 million road repair bond. . .”
Quote by Rick Christie, the editor of The Palm Beach Post, in a commentary titled, “A few quick takeaways from 2016 election”.

The reason why the City of Lake Worth continues to improve and deal with many long-ignored problems comes down to one thing: a high voter turnout. A low turnout will guarantee that Commissioner McVoy gets re-elected. Do you want more obstructionism and delay tactics for 2 more years?

Remember, it was the high voter turnout last November that began the process of fixing our roads and potholes, a plan that McVoy opposed and fought from the very beginning. All the while, McVoy never bothered to come up with a plan himself, even though he had 2 whole years to do so.

McVoy always promised since 2010, when he was first elected, to fix the roads but in 2014 he scuttled a road bond (by just 25 votes) and in 2016 he tried again and but failed that time. Do you want a commissioner who helps to fix problems or one that just sits back and tries to create them?

Last November 8th the voters turned out in high numbers for the City’s Neighborhood Road Bond, passing overwhelmingly with 69% of the vote.

Whilst our City staff, City Manager, Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and Commissioners Andy Amoroso and Ryan Maier worked so hard and “stuck their necks out”* to fix our City’s crumbling streets. . . don’t forget the critics who just sat on their hands and did nothing for well over two years:

The very same critics who said we need “more charrettes” and more meetings are the very same ones who could have organized their very own charrettes and meetings and tried to come up with a better plan than the City’s. But instead they did nothing.

Who are some of those critics? Use this link to find out.

There’s another election in Lake Worth in just 8 days, on March 14th. Another day to make your voice heard. So please remember who did the hard work and remember those who just played the role of obstructionist and offered no solutions of their own.

Please don’t forget.

*And don’t count on the press to hold the critics’ “feet to the fire”. The critics have gotten a “free pass” from the press ever since August 26, 2014, when the first bond vote failed by just 25 votes.

“No Thanks” to the critics, roads like North ‘J’ Street in this City will finally get fixed. Theres finally a plan in place.