Thursday, March 30, 2017

PINNED POST. Tonight at 6:00. Discussion on “Immigration & Civil Liberties in a New Era”.

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The City of Lake Worth IS NOT and NEVER WAS a sanctuary city. 

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There was a short blurb (see below) in the Post print edition last Tuesday on page B3, Local Section. Things to take note of:
  • The City of Lake Worth never was, and is not now, a “sanctuary city”.
  • The Town of Jupiter is not a sanctuary city either.
  • Just because a city or town has a center to help immigrants adjust and find services, doth not make the municipality a “sanctuary”. However, if the State and Federal governments would like us to become an “official sanctuary city” they should send us millions of dollars to cover the costs.
And once again, as stated on this blog many times in the past, after many years of searching no document or proof of any kind has ever been found that the City is, or ever was, a ‘sanctuary city’. Please share this information at the meeting tonight.

If you wish to attend this meeting, here are the details:
Copy & paste for your calendar: Meet at Palm Beach Community College tonight at 6:00, 4200 S. Congress Ave., Public Safety Building, room 108.