Friday, January 27, 2017

Old news is new again and the Big Myth debunked: The City of Lake Worth never was, and is not now, a sanctuary city

It was proven on this blog back in 2015, conclusively, once and for all that Lake Worth never was, and is not now a sanctuary city. It was a myth created by former commissioners, Cara Jennings is one, and others for reasons and tactics they’re not sharing. Anyone can speculate as to why the myth was given credence: depress the real estate market, flood the system, damage the City’s image. . .

The debunking of myths is nothing new on this blog. For example, like proving that yes indeed, former City Manager Susan Stanton did gut the code enforcement department. That decision is still one the City has to deal with all these years later.

But back to the sanctuary city nonsense; below is how The Obtuse Blogger (TOB) reacted to the news that Lake Worth isn’t a sanctuary city:

Lake Worth “IS[!] a Sanctuary City”. And talk about a “propaganda box”!
“I believe this myth started. . .”
Why won’t anyone at the City listen to me! Why!

A lot of the confusion about whether Lake Worth is a sanctuary city or not is because the City is home to the Guatemalan/Maya Center. Jupiter has the El Sol Resource Center and that city also gets confused as a sanctuary city as well. It’s not.

To be clear: Just because Lake Worth and the Town of Jupiter have resource centers to help immigrants and the undocumented doth not a sanctuary city make. Hope that clears things up.