Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why was the voting location for Precinct 7164 moved? How many other voting locations have been moved?

Please Note: With only 34 days until election day, March 14th, it’s very important to know and locate where you vote before election day, not the day off. Check back to this blog in a few days for the entire list: precinct number and location.

For the list of all voting locations go to the Supervisor of Elections website. Here is a screen grab from today:

Note precinct 7164. More on that below.

Not helping matters, note the location of precincts 7164 and then 7162 from the City of Lake Worth’s “Polling Locations”.

Received this information from a blog reader today:

A number of voting locations have changed in Lake Worth. Our 1st Baptist Church location has moved to the Osborne Community Center on Wingfield St. which many people don’t know the location. You might provide a map with updates for voters.

The email refers to the “1st Baptist Church” which is now called the Church By The Glades.

For the November 8th bond referendum last year the voters in Precinct 7164 voted at Church by the Glades at 127 South ‘M’ Street. Now those voters have to go to the Osborne Community Center at 1699 Wingfield St. on the other side of Dixie Hwy.:

“Osborne Community Center is located on the west side of Wingfield St, just under 1/2 mile south of 12th Ave S, or just south of the Lake Worth Municipal Gym.”

Here is the map of all the voting locations in the City:

Precinct 7164 (lower right-hand corner) has a high voter turnout for its precinct size. Just thought I would point that out.