Friday, February 10, 2017

Where is the location of WPTV’s “Overflowing sewage” story by Andrew Lofholm? In the City of Lake Worth or not?

UPDATE: Sixteen (16) days after this ‘news’ first aired on Jan. 25th there is still no location given. However, a source in the City’s Water Utilities department has this information:

“There are a couple of areas within our sewer service area that are still on septic, however they are not within the city limits.”

Anyone in the media looking for more information should contact Ben Kerr, Lake Worth’s Communications Specialist:
  • Phone: 561-586-1631
  • Email:
Below is an excerpt published on this blog shortly after the story aired by the WPTV reporter:

Have not heard back from reporter Andrew Lofholm yet. In the story that first aired on January 25th there was no address or even a City neighborhood given where this ongoing problem is occurring. However, speculation is it’s either outside the City in unincorporated County somewhere or if in the City then west of I-95 and south of Lake Worth Rd. somewhere.
     Residents are concerned about this as you can imagine on learning that, “Overflowing sewage reeking havoc on Lake Worth apartment complex”.

Below is an excerpt from the text of the news segment by the WPTV reporter which gives the incorrect location. The actual location is SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH:

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - This story stinks.
     Overflowing, fresh sewage pouring into a Lake Worth apartment complex parking lot. Tenants say it’s been happening for a year! A fed up renter called NewsChannel 5, saying nothing has been done about this health hazard.
     Around 6 p.m. every night, a toxic tide rolls in. [emphasis added]

Stay tuned. When this story is corrected will provide an update on this blog.