Thursday, March 9, 2017

Elections in Lake Worth, campaign contributions, and Anarchists still trying to cause trouble.

Anarchists and their supporters causing trouble in the City of Lake Worth is nothing new. Below is a completely false rumor leading up to the March elections in 2016:

An Anarchist and self-described conservativeteam up to start a rumor, The following was reported to me by Ryan Hartman. . ..

If you’ve been hearing things about campaign contributions and vague accusations, who do you think made a campaign contribution to the Anarchist candidate Ryan Hartman last year? Click on images to enlarge:

Remember, it was Hartman who wrote on Facebook, “start striking fear, shooting down all cops we see by their selves.”

Who is The Obtuse Blogger (TOB) supporting this year? TOB contributed campaign money to this candidate running for the “open seat” in District 4. You see, A + B = C. Anyhow. . .

At a Lake Worth City Commission meeting last January, Mayor Pam Triolo took quite the grilling from Commissioner Chris McVoy, over a campaign contribution she received back in early 2016. There was nary a word about this at the next Commission meeting on Jan. 24th from McVoy. Why?

You see, bringing up campaign contributions can be problematic sometimes, as you’ll see below.

When you’re in the position of McVoy, and have no record of success to run on, the only hope is to try and get the focus off yourself. How is that done? This tactic is actually very easy. Click this link to find out how to create a “wedge”, or political distraction.

Back to the question. Did McVoy give campaign money to an Anarchist? The answer is yes. McVoy gave money to Peter “Panagioti” Tsolkas for “Canvassing”.

So while everyone went scrambling through campaign reports this year. . .

. . . check this out one from McVoy. Oh, and do we need to rehash the “Dear Neighbor” letters too?