Monday, March 6, 2017

“Captain’s Corner”: A must read for anyone affected and/or concerned about “Sober Homes” and the Heroin Epidemic.

“Captain’s Corner”: A message from PBSO Cpt. Baer on the Heroin Epidemic in the little City of Lake Worth.* There remains a tremendous amount of interest in this topic. Please feel free to copy and paste this link and share with your friends and neighbors.

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You’ll find Cpt. Baer’s latest message and more very important information using this link. And remember, for the latest news from the City use this link and scroll down for “Special Announcements”. Also look for “Special Events”, “News”, and things like “Services & Departments” as well. Without further ado. . .

Captain’s Corner


     The United States is currently dealing with a heroin epidemic. As you know, Lake Worth is no exception. The resurgence of heroin, coupled with other drugs such as fentanyl and carfentanyl, along with many unscrupulous treatment providers has created a perfect storm. Drug dealing crews are fighting over this lucrative turf with new addicts arriving every day.
     Last year in the City of Lake Worth we had 396 overdoses, 78 of which were fatal. What is PBSO doing about it? We are attacking this crisis using a multi-prong approach:
  • Assigning a District 14 Deputy to the State Attorney’s Office Sober Home Task Force.
  • Commissioner Amoroso is a member of the Civilian Sober Home Task Force.
  • Assigning a member of our Behavioral Services Unit to District 14. Dr. Lamotte is meeting with overdose victims and enrolling them in treatment.
  • Multiple narcotics enforcement operations each year and use of nuisance abatement.
  • Membership on the Heroin Task Force (myself and Commissioner Amoroso).
  • Working closely with Fire Rescue and the city’s Code Enforcement.
Yours in Service,

Captain Todd Baer
District Commander, District 14, City of Lake Worth
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

*This is election season here in our little City. Please be aware of any candidate taking credit for their role helping solve the Heroin Epidemic. Commissioner Andy Amoroso is one of those taking a leadership role solving this problem. When others not-so-involved try to take credit that’s called “riding on the coattails” of other elected officials.