Thursday, February 16, 2017

Update on the Royal Poinciana Neighborhood Assoc. candidate debate last night (2/15)

Please note: The videos are now available from the candidate forum held last Monday, Feb. 13th, at Lake Worth’s Golf Course. To view those use this link for Wes’ Lake Worth YouTube Channel.

If you would like to see the most-viewed videos all-time, e.g., past Street Painting Festivals, the Taco Lady, or “Holiday Parade 2008, Horses!”, use this link.

About 25 people showed up for the candidate forum at El Pueblo Chapin Restaurant to hear the six candidates running in this years Lake Worth municipal elections. As you know, the District 2 and 4 seats are up this year. District 4 Commissioner Maier is not seeking re-election so that is an “open seat”.

I wasn’t able to attend but received reports from various sources that did. One of the notable happenings was the incumbent commissioner for District 2, Commissioner McVoy, arrived about a half-hour late. The format was more informal than previous forums and allowed for some spirited exchanges. One was between candidate Omari Hardy and McVoy. The question about the proliferation of sober homes in the City and code enforcement led to McVoy explaining what he did to address the problem. Well. . .

Omari Hardy reminded everyone that McVoy has been in office for three terms (first elected in 2010). Since 2012 Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell and Commissioner Andy Amoroso have led the charge to fix this problem with some significant successes and now McVoy is trying to take credit as well. The word “coattail” comes to mind.

McVoy also claimed the ballot question last November for the Neighborhood Road Bond, approved by 69% of the electorate, gave the City the ability to bond up to $40M for road improvements but will end up paying $30M in interest. Hogwash. The uniformed would conclude there will be only $10M left to fix the roads. Complete nonsense but am sure this is what McVoy and his supporters are saying “at the door”.

Another example of mixing up the numbers was District 4 candidate Ellie Whitey telling those in attendance the Beach project in 2011–2012 cost $6M. The real numbers are $6M for the Casino building (which is still operating on a “temporary” Certificate of Occupancy and still has a host of construction/design issues to be addressed). Whittey’s numbers also don’t include $5M for site improvements from the County’s cultural facilities bond, the additional $1.5M for utility infrastructure improvements, or the $1.6M settlement to Greater Bay for breaking a contract. Did I miss anything?

You may also recall it was Whittey who claimed at least twice that Morganti, the company that constructed the Casino, could pack up their business operations and go back to Athens because they’re “not an American-owned company”. Completely false. 100% untrue.

Various reports also indicated District 4 candidate Herman Robinson had a strong performance. After checking through my notes noticed no one brought up anything that Maryann Polizzi said at the debate. She is another candidate in the District 4 race—because there was nothing worth noting maybe?—draw your own conclusions.