Saturday, February 11, 2017

“BREAKING: Fire closes Lyons Road in Lake Worth”. Lyons Road doesn’t go through Lake Worth. It’s in Suburban Lake Worth.

Here’s the latest from the Post about that terrible fire today at the Sherbrooke Golf & Country Club. The initial report was this fire occurred “in Lake Worth”. The actual location was far outside the City limits.

Another reporter having trouble locating municipal boundaries is staff writer Jim Hayward at the Post with this “BREAKING” today. The location of this fire is not far from Wellington in Suburban Lake Worth:

Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue is battling a fire at the Sherbrooke Golf & Country Club in Lake Worth early today, forcing the closure of Lyons Road.

The location of this fire is west of the Florida Turnpike not far from the edge of the Everglades. To learn about the municipal boundaries of the City of Lake Worth use this link.

“Suburban Lake Worth” is everything located outside the City. The City has two zip codes: 33460 and part of 33461. The zip code for the Sherbrooke Country Club? 33467.