Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Attention Commissioner McVoy: Mr. Omari Hardy’s thoughts on “obstructionism and endless talking”.

UPDATE: The “Omari Effect” is working! Six (6) weeks before the elections on March 14th Lake Worth Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, is acting completely different, shedding the tactics (see below) of past Commission meetings. Mr. Hardy, a serious challenger in District 2, certainly has gotten the attention of McVoy: ergo, the Omari Effect:

District 2 candidate Omari Hardy (3rd row from back; white shirt) attended the meeting, taking notes. District 4 candidate Herman Robinson (yellow shirt) attended the meeting as well.

To learn more about Omari Hardy’s campaign priorities use this link. Mr. Hardy is challenging Comm. Chris McVoy, PhD, in the Lake Worth District 2 race. Below is an excerpt from the end of the closing remarks by Hardy at the Lake Worth Playhouse debate on January 30th (for the entire 4-minute video of those remarks use this link).

“We have to put our best foot forward as a City. We have to close the gap between where we are and where we have the potential to be. That requires good leadership. We can do it. I believe we have to take a different path.
     Because the one we’ve been on, obstructionism and endless talking, it hasn’t worked and it’s not going to create the type of renaissance that we would like to see here in Lake Worth.
     So I am asking for your vote.
     On March 14th I’m asking for your vote and I’m asking you to make Lake Worth a place to be proud of and celebrate without qualification. That’s very important.
     My name is Omari Hardy and I’m running for City commission District 2. Thank you.” [big applause follows]

It will be interesting to see how many times Comm. McVoy lectures “at great length” at the City Commission meeting tonight; one of the tactics we’re all too familiar with to monkeywrench and slow down City meetings:

Tactics to create “General Interference with Organizations”.