Sunday, January 22, 2017

Frank Cerabino takes another crack at satire about Lake Worth: That only means one thing.

When Cerabino writes about Lake Worth in the Sunday edition of the Post that’s likely a signal the latest circulation numbers came in and they don’t look too good. Writing about Lake Worth is akin to a “Hail Mary Pass” to try and get attention.

If you recall, our own Lake Worth resident Helene Jarvis took on Cerabino last year with her own satire on another issue: remember Commissioner Chris McVoy and the now-famous “Baked Ziti” incident? And do you remember the ranking of cities that fell flat like a lead balloon? Lake Worth came in at #6 with this “Random factoid”:
Home of “Madame Cleo,” the former pay-per-call TV psychic turned gay activist and spoken-word artist.
And Cerabino didn’t gain too many new fans from Greenacres which came in at #20. One reason is because they have “an extra dollop of Hispanic”:

More from Cerabino’s “Ranking cities, worst to best”: Belle Glade: “For the overwhelming majority of local residents who aren’t talented and driven enough to make it to the NFL.” And Boynton Beach: “. . . perpetually overshadowed and trying to catch up.”

Anyhow, now Cerabino weighs in on the email exchange between Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein and the president of the ROLO neighborhood west of I-95 about the Atlanta Braves and spring training baseball in John Prince Park.

From the ROLO website today, Jan. 22nd. A very small area in ROLO is called the “Hermit Kingdom”. They’re known to send up smoke signals when major decisions have been made: black and white. No one knows what the signals mean though.

Although no one actually knows what happens in the “Hermit Kingdom” there are some theories: