Thursday, April 13, 2017

So. Is the City of Greenacres, “a lot of nothing” as it was described and ranked in The Palm Beach Post last year?

Actually, the City of Greenacres is A LOT “of everything”, according to a recent article in the Post (see below). The issue now is whether or not this news will ever make it into the print edition like the little City of Lake Worth and the weekly news features about our City, the LWVVSMCPE editions. Stay tuned. If this news does make it into print will let everyone know.

Below are two excerpts from this article that appears on the Post online edition (which most readers eschew for the actual print edition):

GREENACRES — The city at Monday’s City Council meeting [April 17th at 7:00] is scheduled to honor the 2016 President’s Volunteer Service Award winners.
     The awards recognizes citizens of all ages who have made a significant committment [sic] to volunteer service. In 2005, Greenacres was approved as an official certifying organization for the awards.

and. . .

     At Monday’s meeting, Mayor Joel Flores and the city council will honor 22 volunteers who totalled 6,153 hours, the city said.

By the way, Mayor Joel Flores recently defeated the incumbent in the elections last March and Paula Bousquet is now the Deputy Mayor in Greenacres. Neither of them was endorsed by The Palm Beach Post editorial board.

On the subject of “a lot of nothing”, if you recall, last year Frank Cerabino at the Post wrote the City of Greenacres is “a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.” Take a few minutes and check out their new website. Awesome!

And Cerabino wrote Greenacres had a “dollop of Hispanic”?
The City of Greenacres had “an extra dollop of Hispanic” last year? Oooops. The new mayor of Greenacres is Joel Flores.

Anyhow. Below are more not-so-flattering observations from ‘The Satirist last year if you happen to live in these cities and towns:
  • Belle Glade: “For the overwhelming majority of local residents who aren’t talented and driven enough to make it to the NFL”
  • Haverhill: “goes out of its way to put out the unwelcome mat.”
  • Highland Beach: “another coastal sliver of a municipality that goes out of its way to put out the unwelcome mat.”
  • Mangonia Park: “marked by the biggest, ugliest eyesore in the county”
  • Atlantis: “there are times you must venture beyond the feudal walls.” Good point.
  • Boynton Beach: “perpetually overshadowed and trying to catch up.”
Will all the cities in Palm Beach County (now 39 total) ever be given the opportunity to rank The Palm Beach Post some day? Just wondering.

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