Monday, March 20, 2017

Dixie Highway in Lake Worth: Fertile ground for the classic car afficionado and car shows

I went to a “Cars and Coffee Palm Beach” held at the Palm Beach Outlet Mall last Summer. The video below is assembled from pictures taken of the cars that interested me. The more original variety find very interesting; not so much the custom/modified type. However, those too have their place. My car is the light blue 1963 Buick Riviera that appears in the first slide:

This is a monthly event and doesn’t have a fixed day. I discovered it by seeing Adam Raizin’s car on Facebook. Called him up and found out where it was. There was a big crowd and it was hot. A really hot South Florida day. They charged $2 for admission if you have a car to show. Free for the public.

Coincidentally, later on found this article on Mid-Century motels. These old motels happen to be in Wildwoods, NJ. There is a preservation effort to save these structures but many have already been lost to redevelopment or too far gone to rehab. They certainly represent a much different time and place like the people and their cars that frequented them.

I’m not suggesting Disney-like car venues along our short section of Dixie Hwy. but a nod to some of the design features present here would be true to Lake Worth’s heritage and perhaps jump start investment along the empty stretches of road we all ride on every day. Something to think about. We do have a fairly blank canvas.

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