Monday, December 12, 2016

Tonight: Food Truck Invasion at the Cultural Plaza in Downtown LDub

“LDub” is a good-hearted, short-hand nickname for “Lake Worth”. We all have to remember from time to time there are many new residents of this little City. To learn more see below for an explanation and three (3) usage examples in speech.

The Food Truck Invasion is every second Monday in the City. Check out their website. South Shores? Ask somebody about that when you show up.

LDub explained with 3 usage examples. LDub, or L-Dub, is the nickname for “Lake Worth”. The ‘L’ is short for “Lake” and ‘Dub’ is short for “double-‘u’ ” as in the letter “W”, hence the term LDub.

  1. Used in a sentence by a Hipster Millennial: “Welcome to LDub dude! Been to World Thrift yet?” 
  2. By an Anarchist Millennial: “Hey! That’s not fair. Who didn’t clean out my LDub poop bucket!”.
  3. By a convert to Apatharchism: “That’s it. I’ve had enough of this LDub Anarch bs. I’m going to be a Citizen on Patrol (COP) for PBSO or move to Cuba.”.
Try using the slang “LDub” yourself at the Food Truck Invasion this Monday!