Friday, June 30, 2017

How to become a Citizen On Patrol (COP) and let’s take a look back: Downtown Lake Worth, June 2008

Lake Worth’s PBSO District 14 has the Citizen On Patrol (COP) program; see below for more information on how to become a volunteer. COPs do not become involved in a situation or even try to stop a crime in progress — they are more “eyes and ears” on the street and report to law enforcement what they see and hear.

After a crime getting in front of the TV cameras or getting mentioned in the newspaper to complain isn’t helping in any meaningful way.

But it does help sell newspapers and keeps viewers watching TV after 11:00.

The focus needs to be more on prevention and getting tips to PBSO. The fast news cycle and reporters will be on to other things in short order and you’ll be forgotten soon enough. Remember Thomas Altman? His murder was a sensational week-long story in the press until the next headline-grabbing story came along.

Despite all the press interviews with people after that murder and all the attention that crime received it still remains unsolved. But it’s possible someone knew something prior to Altman’s murder and could have tipped off PBSO. But we’ll never know now.

Time for a look back: Below is a blog post I wrote about a night back in 2008 when I was a COP. This was prior to PBSO taking over for the Lake Worth Police Dept. Back then, unless you had no other options, Downtown Lake Worth was not a place you wanted to be after dark:

While on COP duty last night, I stopped to take this quick video of the drill held at the Gulfstream Hotel for local fire departments. They need two organized night time drills like this to retain their certifications. This is what it looked like. No smoke but maybe that came later.
By the way, the streets were swarming with real police cars last night. Many active scenes and busy radio traffic.

Use this link to a news story on the City’s website about the COP program. Would strongly suggest this as a way to help your neighborhood if you have persistent issues with crime. And also remember this:
To become a Citizen On Patrol call 561-433-2003.

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