Saturday, March 26, 2016

RIP "Tom the Yard Guy". His friends and family need your help.

For: Thomas Altman
Lake Worth, FL
Organizer: Tammy Pansa. Click here to contribute.

Use this link for the related story in The Palm Beach Post.

Update: We have sad news that Tom has passed, and we hope to help with his final arrangements.

"Tom the yard guy" Altman was found severely beaten in our neighborhood this week. We've all seen him around town. He has the shopping cart and runs his yard business out of it. He is in the hospital, but we've also found out he's recently homeless. I am a member of Mango Groves neighborhood, and wanted to start a fund for his medical expenses and to help find him a new place to live.

Posted on March 26, 2016 by Tammy Pansa:

"Thank you to all who have supported Tom.  We are over $300 now, and we're really thankful for all your support.  

We have some tragic news. Tom passed away today. A neighbor talked to his sister Cindy who was there when the hospital disconnected life support because he was brain dead. Tom was a gentle, hardworking man who was trying to better himself and find a place to live. The family is arranging a memorial service. We will provide updates as soon as more information is available. With that, we would like to change the focus of the funding and have it help the family with his funeral or final arrangements. . . If that is ok with everyone?  If not we can return the funds? We are so sad for our neighbor Tom and his family.

Please do what you can to assist. Thank you."

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ds said...

So sad to hear. He was a very polite and nice guy. This happened 2 doors down from my house.