Monday, October 31, 2016

This Thursday: Lake Worth City Commission Workshop on fixing long-standing problems at the Casino complex

The Casino Workshop that was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew has been rescheduled to this Thursday, November 3rd. It was the lack of vision and proper planning back in 2009/2010 that made this important Workshop necessary. Now it’s time to get it right:

From the agenda:

SUMMARY: Discussion with REG Architects, Inc., and The Morganti Group, Inc., on their proposed fixes at the Casino Building.
BACKGROUND AND JUSTIFICATION: In May 2015, the City attended pre-suit mediation with REG Architects, Inc. (REG) and The Morganti Group, Inc. (Morganti) to resolve issues related to the design and construction of the Casino Building. The mediation resulted in a Tolling Agreement between the parties to stay any applicable statute of limitations and to allow the parties time to resolve the issues without litigation.
     On February 16, 2016, the City Commission heard a request from City staff to declare REG, Morganti and Morganti’s surety in default. City staff made the request due to a lack of responsiveness from either REG or Morganti on a proposed solution for the issues. The City Commission tabled the request to its March 1, 2016 meeting. On March 1, 2016, the City Commission agreed to extend the Tolling Agreement to March 22, 2016.
     On March 22, 2016, the City Commission agreed to extend the Tolling Agreement to June 7, 2016. On June 7, 2016, the City Commission agreed to extend the Tolling Agreement four (4) months (until October 5, 2016).
     Since June 7, 2016, a proposed solution to the Casino Building’s leaky doors on the second story and the second story drainage issues has been designed by REG and installed at the north-east corner of the second story. The City’s experts, Will Smith (doors) and June Willcott (engineering), have reviewed the design and installation and have shared their comments and concerns with REG and Morganti.
     This discussion is REG’s and Morganti’s opportunity to provide the City with their proposed fixes for the issues.
Photo of Lake Worth Casino Complex by Skyline Aerials, LLC. Spread the word about this City Workshop and hope to see a huge community turnout. It’s finally time to clean up this mess once and for all. . . another mess left over from a previous City administration.