Thursday, December 22, 2016

The City of Lake Worth’s municipal golf course is featured once again: “A Coastal Paradise”

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The writer of this superb article about Lake Worth’s golf course is Mike May (more about the writer below).

Below are excerpts from an excellent article about our City’s golf course and club. First, here is information the writer sent to Dolores Key, Lake Worth’s Economic Development/Marketing Director:

Hello Dolores,
     Wellington-based golf writer Mike May touching base. I am the correspondent who wrote the story about the Lake Worth Golf Club which appears on the wall in City Hall.
     I want to let you know that I have another editorial affiliation in the world of golf, as I'm now a staff writer with
     One of the sections of this website is going to focus on my stories about the golf courses which are part of the Florida Historic Golf Trail many of which are in Palm Beach County. My first story which has been posted is on the Lake Worth Golf Club. Here's the link. Enjoy and share the link with others.

[Mike May is a south Florida-based golf writer. He can be reached at]

Here are three excerpts from the article:

     While golfers in Palm Beach County, Florida have access to a number of well-known, nicely manicured layouts such as Emerald Dunes, Madison Green, Osprey Point, and PGA National, one of the forgotten ‘gems’ is actually one of the oldest golf courses in the area -- Lake Worth Municipal Golf Club (, which is also one of the 53 courses on the Florida Historic Golf Trail in the Sunshine State. It’s ‘worth’ noting that Lake Worth Municipal (17th Avenue, Lake Worth, FL; 561-582-9713) was a winter golfing destination for former baseball slugger Babe Ruth, back in the day!

[and. . .]

     While the championship tees measure less than 6,200 yards, short by today’s standards, the course will play longer and tougher than it appears on paper. One other twist worth noting is that in 2014, the course went through a switch. The original back nine became the new front nine and vice versa. Why the change?
     According to Christopher Fletcher, the director of golf at Lake Worth Municipal, there were two reasons for the switch: tradition and customer service.
     According to Christopher Fletcher, the director of golf at Lake Worth Municipal, there were two reasons for the switch: tradition and customer service. “The south nine was the original front nine in the ‘20s,” says Fletcher. “More importantly, my bag staff can better see the golfers coming down the par 4 (of the north nine), rather than over by the par 3, which allows them to be better prepared when people finish. Thus, providing better customer service.”

[and. . .]

     When you walk off the 18th green, I highly suggest that you check out the spectacular views are and the menu at the club’s ‘19th hole’ -- The Beach Club [link added] On the Waterfront, which overlooks the Intracoastal. In addition to enjoying the views, I highly suggest you enjoy what’s on the menu, especially the Nachos Beach Club and the Beach Club Catch.
     The Lake Worth Municipal Golf Club awaits your arrival.

Thank you for the article, Mr. May. It won’t be too long now before our friends up north will miss being able to play a few rounds of golf outside in the warm air.

Photo from the Jim Stafford collection: View looking north of our golf course, Snook Islands, and the Intracoastal. To the east is the Town of Palm Beach and Atlantic Ocean.