Monday, October 10, 2016

UPDATE: The Lake Worth Pool will re-open on Wednesday at 9:00

Received this update on Saturday. This will be welcome news for many people after hearing the facility needed emergency repairs. Are you interested in water exercise classes, lap swimming, or just want to splash around at the City's municipal pool at the BEACH!? Contact Sally, the pool manager:
  • 561-585-6858 (office)
  • 561-951-7037 (cell)
  • Email: 
With limited resources Sally's making changes and the results are clear in the time she's taken over: attendance is up, there's more excitement, and you can expect many more changes and fun things going on in the future.

However, that wasn't always the case. The previous City administration led by Commissioner JoAnn Golden et al weren't as motivated to make the pool a success. They shut down the pool in October of 2010: Now, of course, under the direction of Mayor Pam Triolo and City Manager Bornstein the pool is the greatest thing ever and everyone wants to get on the bandwagon:
This image is from the file, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".

But. . . do you remember when the malcontents chimed in with their grand ideas last year? They lined up at City Commission meetings, had tabloid articles written about their grand ideas, the ideas gushed and flowed forth and got more and more exciting as time wore on and then. . . Poof! The flurry of grand ideas ended just like that. For example, here are a few:
  • "Push the fitness angle: Make the triathlon trail permanent (this can be handled by local businesses -- the city doesn't have to pay for everything)"
  • Create packages for the pool, "parties in the Casino, bowling, movies"
  • "Consider a subcontractor for Summer Learn to Swim. The county and/or private businesses that teach may be interested."
  • "Contact Men's Health Magazine and unabashedly lobby for a spot on America's Top Ten Fittest Cities.", and. . ."When that publicity kicks in, just answer the phones and check the mail."
Want to learn more about this? Use this link to read a blog post from March of last year. Below is another one of those grand ideas I actually think is a wonderful one:
Check out what they have at the Wellington Aquatics Complex.