Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Highlights from the fiscal year 2016/2017 budget meeting last night (9/13)

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All the budget items passed unanimously on first reading last night (Vice Mayor Maxwell was absent); the second reading is scheduled for next Tuesday, September 20th. Below are the highlights from the City's newsletter, Worth Noting:
  • No change in the general fund millage rate – 5.4945 mils
  • No change in the electric utility rate
  • Use of approximately $365,287 of general fund available balance
  • Increase in local sewer rates of 3% to off-set increased capital projects related to East Coast Central Regional Facility
  • Increase in water rates of 2.75% to offset capital projects including the 2″ waterline replacement program
  • No changes in sanitation and stormwater rates
  • No changes to parking rates
For the first time since 2010 Lake Worth will be adding to the number of sworn deputies on Lake Worth patrols: 
  • Two (2) added to the night shift patrol
  • Two (2) dedicated to Beach, Old Bridge Park, Bryant Park and Snook Islands.
  • One (1) dedicated to Downtown Corridor patrol/Cultural Plaza – this will allow for 7 day coverage
Our own PBSO Captain Baer has placed these added patrols strategically to combat issues of alcohol abuse, the heroin epidemic, drug proliferation and the resulting crime.