Sunday, September 11, 2016

Just in case you missed this. . . From the New Times: "Twelve [or is it five?] Lake Worth Restaurants to Check Out Now"

Nicole Danna is one of my favorite restaurant reviewers in Palm Beach County. However, it's not reasonable or even fair to hold food and entertainment reporters to the standard of breaking and local news reporters vis-à-vis understanding our somewhat confusing municipal borders. Even long-time restaurant and entertainment reporters in the County, both TV and print, get it wrong all the time. Just in case you missed this. . .

A reader of my blog sent me this article by food reporter Nicole Danna about "Twelve Lake Worth Restaurants".
How many are actually in the City? Just five. Here is the lead-in for the article:

Ah, Lake Worth. It's one of Palm Beach County's most, shall we say, unique municipalities.
     It would make sense, of course, that a town as colorful as El Dub has some equally colorful kitchens. [emphasis added]

 [and. . .]

     Forget the fancy, overly priced Palm Beach haunts. Instead, try exploring something more unique — the under-the-radar, hole-in-the-wall-type establishments that look more than a little suspect from the outside but hold an abundance of deliciousness inside. They're what make a trip to this tiny, quirky town worthwhile.

Lake Worth is a tiny City. Just a little over 6 square miles. This demonstrates once again the perception that the City extends much further west than it actually does. However, articles like this don't hurt our image like this recent 'news' that a man was found murdered "in Lake Worth". That crime happened outside the City borders, near Palm Springs. Not in the City.

Back to Danna's article, which restaurants are in the City? Here they are:
  • Pelican Restaurant
  • Las Flores Restaurant & Pupuseria
  • The French House
  • Mother Earth Sanctuary Café
  • Clary's Corner Café
Which ones aren't in the City?
  • Fiorella
  • Real Wok
  • Crazy Mario's Pizza & Indian Kitchen
  • Guacamole by Chef Omar
  • Le Troubadour Restaurant
  • 2 Chef's Souparee
  • Chulas
Try one of our 5 "Restaurants to Check Out" next week and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised and happy you did.