Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CBS12/WPEC asked the question, "Is the algae toxic in Lake Worth?" Next question: Did you fall for it?

The answer to the question, "Is the algae toxic in Lake Worth" is below. First, here are some excerpts from CBS12/WPEC's Mike Magnoli from June 25th:

Test samples are back at the lab and scientists are trying to figure out just how bad this could be. [emphasis added]
     Results will be released next week.

[and. . .]

Some call it the "green tide."

[and a warning for amateur photographers. . .]

     For the past few weeks and until July 15th amateur photographers are flocking here --for the Lake Worth Lagoon photo contest. The winners will be featured in a 2017 calendar. Those trying to get winning snapshots shouldn't get too close to the algae.

Heavy sigh. 

Well, guess what? Following the July 4th holiday weekend CBS12's Chuck Weber has the latest:

     The latest test results released by the state Department of Environmental Protection still show very low algae concentrations in Palm Beach County-- readings way below levels posing a health threat.

[and. . .]

     Back in Palm Beach County, at the first location toxic algae was reported and confirmed at a low level, the sample from last week detected no toxins in the water.
     At the Lake Worth Spillway, though, a sample did show several algaes, but again at very low levels.

So, did you change your holiday plans because of what you saw on the TV news?