Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What if someone says this about the Lake Worth political scene: “It’s a little crazy for local politics.”

Here is how you answer if someone says Lake Worth politics is "a little crazy": It's not ordinary for any small American city to be the headquarters for an organization known to affiliate and collaborate with ecoterrorist organizations, both nationally and internationally. That organization, EarthFirst! (EF!), is led by Cara Jennings and Peter 'Panagioti' Tsolkas. EF!'s goals all along have been to destabilize this City's politics, create ill-will against PBSO and the CRA (to name just two), and distract the public in a myriad of different ways.

So you can imagine the glee and merriment when their latest effort failed miserably:
Very important: The media spin was the landslide elections last March 15th were because of campaign contributions. Don't fall for this narrative (meme): It's not true.
Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared the very next day:

     Bruce Webber, an art gallery owner, said voters made the right choice to move the city forward.
     “If we lost one seat on the commission, it would have set us back ten years,” [emphasis added] he said. “We need development and we need to fix our roads.”

The truth is all three incumbents were forced to respond to the threats by the Anarchists in Lake Worth and one of the tools at their disposal was fundraising. If JoAnn Golden et al. had not put Ryan Hartman on the ballot then fundraising would never had become an issue in this election. But they did and the rest is history. The public rallied, became engaged and highly motivated to keep this City moving forward.

It's important to keep the momentum moving forward. That's why I keep "beating the dead horse" about the last election cycle: Don't get complacent.