Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our beautiful Lake Worth Beach on the Atlantic Ocean (and some not-so-beautiful stuff too)

Below are photographs taken on top of the never-properly-inspected seawall on the Lake Worth beachfront. It was a particularly beautiful day last Thursday (May 26th), with the ocean looking particularly inviting. Enjoy these pictures:
The loop road, what was once the former location of A1A, runs between the new Casino building and the seawall. I try to schedule my time so that I can take advantage of the pool when it is open. Most days I ride my trusty steed that I've had since buying it new in 1985.
This is my vintage 1985 Miyata 110 parked in the pool deck area.
And here is a picture of our beautiful Lake Worth municipal pool being enjoyed by parents and their children at one of Sally's swim classes.
That's some pretty cool stuff we are able to do and enjoy living in Lake Worth.
Here's the not-so-good-stuff lurking just east of the pool and the new Casino building complex. The following pictures were taken on the same day.
City of Lake Worth panel delivery truck.
One of two senior buses that parked in the bike lane on this particular day.
Two cars parked in area marked "No Parking". Again, in the designated bike lane.
And, being Thursday, it was time for a Mulligan's beer delivery.
The same truck looking from the seawall toward the new Casino building.
The beer truck usually is there for almost an hour, unloading kegs and cases via a dolly, with the deliveryman walking around the north side of the building to the loading area. All of these impromptu parking and loading visits which block the view of our wonderful Atlantic shoreline and pier are a product of poor site planning.

As I've commented numerous times over the years, we ended up building an entirely NEW building so it didn't have to be built in the same location and east of the Coastal Construction Control Line. If that prior City Commission understood all this at the time and wasn't falling all over themselves during a campaign cycle about how the City was going to "save the building!", we could have had a more thoughtful site plan for this 19 acre ocean property.

But they didn't think it all through and now we all have to live with the consequences of their poor planning and lack of foresight.
Nice view, huh? This beer truck makes a better door than a window. And don't blame the deliveryman. It's not his fault there isn't a proper loading dock in back of the Casino.