Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hmmm. If the Palm Beach Post is the "news partner" of NBC5/WPTV. . .

. . . then why did the Post run ads for ABC25/WPBF last weekend?
"Trust The Team That Knows Your Area"?
The team to trust in central Palm Beach County is hands-down NBC5/WPTV. Read my review of TV news using this link. Here is an excerpt:

"ABC25/WPBF I check now and then to correct them on news locations vis-à-vis the City of Lake Worth. Once in a while one of their reporters stumbles into the City by accident. The one trait all the reporters seem to share at WPBF is they couldn't find the actual City if you gave them the whole day, directions, and smoke signals. They probably think Lake Worth extends into the Everglades and a mile or so into the Atlantic Ocean as well. Pretty much everything that happens in central PBC is in 'Lake Worth'."

Here is a link to an article in the Post titled, "The Palm Beach Post, WPTV-Channel 5 announce news partnership". Here is an excerpt:

     The Post will feature Channel 5 video on its website, and The Post's print and online weather page will feature forecasts from Steve Weagle, WPTV's chief meteorologist.
     "It's a powerhouse partnership that delivers the best of both worlds for readers and viewers in our area," said Tim Burke, The Post's publisher and executive editor. [emphasis added] "We're bringing the visual medium of WPTV to Post readers and the large newsgathering force of Palm Beach Newspapers to WPTV viewers."
     The Palm Beach Daily News also will be part of the partnership with Channel 5. The Post and Daily News are owned by Cox Media Group, and Channel 5, an NBC affiliate, is owned by Scripps Media Inc.